Natural Interventions to Lower Furin Levels As a Factor in SARS CoV-2 or Role of Furin Proteases in COVID 19 & Therapeutic Interventions

Elevated furin levels are not only associated with Covid-19 but also linked to comorbidities including diabetes, obesity, and hypertension – perhaps one reason why these comorbidities are linked with worse COVID-19 outcomes. In this peer-reviewed publication, Dr. Kara Fitzgerald discusses the role of furin proteases in Covid-19 and how dietary, lifestyle, natural and pharmaceutical interventions aimed…

Cardiometabolic Disease

How Gut Health Impacts Cardiometabolic Disease

As research on gut barrier function and gut microbes (aka the gut “microbiota”) expands, more is realized about the interconnectedness of the human body.  One of the surprising areas is in the way that an unhealthy microbiota is a key driver of obesity, fatty liver disease, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and cardiac risk.

New Preprint Article – DrKF’s Latest Analysis on Furin’s Connection to SARS Cov-2 and Treatment Implications Now Available on SSRN

My research and analysis on the important connections between furin and SARS CoV-2 has been accepted as a preprint article on SSRN. Thank you, David Riley, for making that happen! Abstract: Furin is a protease that is ubiquitous in the mammalian metabolism. One of the innovations that make SARS-CoV-2 more infectious than its ancestor viruses…

Episode 12 Always Hungry A Conversation with David Ludwig MD PhD

Episode 12: Always Hungry? A Conversation with David Ludwig, MD PhD

As a clinician measuring urine, serum and salivary hormone levels in my patients routinely, I’ve always got questions around which testing method is the best. Thus, I was excited to chat with Mark Newman and pick his brain on all things hormone testing. As he says, “I’m an inch wide and a mile deep. I’ve spent pretty much my whole career in measuring reproductive and adrenal hormones.”