Trauma, Biological Embedding, and the Prevention of PTSD

Living in Sandy Hook, practicing medicine in Sandy Hook, my life – and the lives of all of us here – continue to be influenced by the 12/14/12 mass shooting. The day it happened, despite not losing a child in the tragedy, I was gutted, locked in grief. I also remember thinking that it couldn’t…


The Many Uses of Manuka Honey for Wound Healing & Skin Conditions

Is manuka honey part of your home toolkit for healing skin ailments? This natural remedy is rich in antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-proliferative activity and a product we like to keep on hand to use as needed. In this guest blog, Dr. Joanna Jaros, MD, explores the medicinal history of manuka honey, the research behind using…


Navigating an Elimination Diet: Creative Solutions to Common Challenges

Callout to clinicians:  Yes, we still prescribe the tried-and-true elimination diet for many people, although we’re aware that increased hypersensitivity can occur in a small subset of individuals. Read on to see how we’re identifying and customizing an elimination plan for these vulnerable individuals. – DrKF Have you ever noticed that you feel bloated after…


Are You Nutritionally Prepared? Protect Your Body and Mind This Cold and Flu Season

Judging from the way 2020 has shaped up, this winter season may be like no other we’ve experienced before. Metabolic Maintenance, our sponsor this month, tells us about the mood and immune-boosting nutrients we need to have on hand for an unprecedented cold season. I have a long history with this family-owned company, going back to my days as a resident at Metametrix Clinical Laboratory. They make high-quality, novel therapeutics that I trust and use in my practice routinely. I especially like their vitamin D, zinc, and antioxidants. Don’t get caught unprepared for illness this winter. Shore up your immune defenses early so you can have a fun, safe, and healthy winter season!


5 Steps to Boost Your Immune Resilience This Winter Season

A huge part of our immune resilience comes down to the inputs we give our immune system – the food we eat and the lifestyle choices we make. These choices can either help build a strong and balanced defense system or it can weaken those defenses, encouraging them to flop, misfire or overshoot. If you’re…


Hidden in Plain Sight: The Skin Microbiome and Gut-Brain-Skin Axis

When you hear “microbiome,” you may think of gut bacteria first. Cutting-edge research, however, shows that the skin biome is another vital population of microorganisms that influences human health in surprising ways. From 2009 to 2019, the annual number of peer-reviewed papers examining the skin biome increased more than ten-fold. (1) Scientific interest in the topic is growing exponentially as new sequencing techniques allow the identification of previously undiscovered species, as well as novel insights into the roles they play in wellness and disease. (2)


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