The Best of the Best – 2017 Edition

Happy almost new year folks! We are recapping on the absolute best and most popular content from the last 12 months. This covers all three primary sections on our site including content from our Professional Blog, our Consumer Blog, and of course, Frontiers in Functional Medicine Podcast. Please enjoy this round up as chosen by…


On Vaccination

What are the risks or benefits of vaccinations? Where does the conversation take place that allows the individual patient with their uniqueness to be…


Elemental Diets: Case Studies and Clinical Application for IBD

Below, you’ll see videos from Dr. Gary Weiner, ND. It so happens that I literally just met Gary (like, 20 minutes ago we were chatting it up about stool, breath and organic acid testing for SIBO). But before that, I watched him deliver a terrific lecture on the science & history behind the elemental diet (ED), and as important, his extensive clinical experience of said diet.


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