Dr. Kara Fitzgerald receives the Rosalind Franklin Society Special Award in Science

Last month, I was awarded the Rosalind Franklin Society Special Award in Science for my research on using a diet and lifestyle program to favorably change DNA methylation and reverse biological aging. I’m humbled and honored to receive this award, which is given to the top papers of the year written by women or underrepresented…

Think Mushrooms as a Powerful Therapeutic Tool and Epigenetic Modifier

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald Mushrooms are a powerful, and often underutilized, tool for health and longevity. They provide important nutrients, including those used in methylation cycles- folate, choline, and zinc for example. Their bioactive compounds also act as DNA methylation adaptogens, with the ability to influence gene expression and even potentially biological age. It’s why mushrooms…

ripe organic pomegranate fruit on the table

Urolithin A: The Game-Changing Nutrient for Healthy Aging

When a team of scientists from EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, set out to thoroughly study the health benefits of pomegranates, they discovered something truly remarkable – the power of a postbiotic nutrient, Urolithin A (UA) to promote cellular health and longevity. For the past 15 years, Urolithin A has been one of the most well-researched longevity molecules. Over 300 studies, 11 of which are clinical trials, show impressive benefits in UA’s ability to target some of the key biological hallmarks of aging. These same scientists and doctors developed the first and only clinically tested Urolithin A formulation (more on that below!)

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How the OS-01 Peptide Works to Reverse Skin’s Biological Age

When we’re young, building a skin care routine is relatively simple: a face wash, moisturizer and sunscreen will do the trick. But as we grow older and develop visible signs of aging skin, choosing from the overwhelming array of mature skin care products like anti-aging creams, serums, and treatments often feels like an impossible task. What can we trust to actually work? It’s easy to get lost in new trends like 10-step skincare routines, but try to look past marketing and prioritize your skin’s health above all else. As our largest organ and first line of defense against environmental aggressors, our skin can have an enormous impact on our overall body health. A truly effective skin care routine should support your skin’s health first and improve the way it looks as a result. That’s where OneSkin comes in.

The 12 biological hallmarks of aging viewed through a functional medicine and functional longevity lens

In the fields of functional medicine, functional longevity and epigenetics, research is moving quickly – and so spending time delving into the scientific literature and discussing new findings with other experts in the field is essential. Last month, a new paper landed on my desk, published in the leading journal Cell. It lays out a…

Recognizing Early Signs of Celiac Disease: Mouth Sores, Burning Tongue and More

What oral health can tell us about gluten reactivity Can discolored teeth, canker sores, and geographic tongue be caused by reactions to gluten? We know that the second largest and most diverse microbiome is found in the oral cavity and that poor oral health is associated with multiple conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. Should we…


Best of 2022 in Functional Medicine and Longevity

This might just have been our most exciting year yet here at Dr. Kara Fitzgerald! With the launch of three books through major publishing houses, authored by my team and myself, we have barely had a moment to touch ground. Yet, delivering high value content in the functional medicine and longevity space, across all channels,…