Mung Bean Soup

Curried Mung Bean Soup

A warm and deliciously spicy mung bean curry, coconut oil, onions and carrots. Enjoy as a soup or serve with brown rice for a more substantial meal. Purely Vegan, and of course gluten free.

BPA – Banishing Fruit Salad

BPA – Banishing Fruit Salad

This BPA – Banishing Fruit Salad is delicious, light, quick and healthy fruit dish serves four and is perfect for any time when you are feeling a little hungry, great for a side or snack between meals.

Asian child girl maintains her lips,skin care and protection, chapped lips,dry mouth that have lost moisture,beautiful female teenage applied balm to repair her lips in winter cold,woman with natural lip balms

SIBO and Chapped Lips: A Connection?

It’s winter. Chances are that if you live anywhere cold and dry, your lips have been chapped at least once this season. For most of us, we slather on the lip balm and all is well. But for some folks,…

Ophthalmologist examining patient with slit lamp

Death, Taxes and … Presbyopia?

So here I am, comfortably into my 40s. In many ways, this is a grand time of life: satisfying career, happy home, a greater sense of well-being and contentment. But over the last couple of years, spectacles sit on the…

Close up of a selection of colorful donuts. Focus is on middle row.

We Are What Our Gut Bugs Eat

A patient named Barbara bounded into my office. She threw herself into a chair, and looked at me with eyes of terror, guilt and shame. I knew from her countenance that it was confession time. She launched into her story,…

bacteria in a blue background, 3D illustration

Viva la Commensal Biofilm

Gastrointestinal biofilms are an important topic, and those comprised of pathogenic microbes are getting much well-deserved attention in the integrative medical community.

Book Review: Almost Finished

June 10, 2013 – I want to introduce you to an exquisite book that I’ve been reading. It’s called Almost Finished. It’s a memoir by Justine Bowen-Jones. Justine lost her father to pancreatic cancer when she was six years old.…