Have You Heard of Experience Extinction?

Can we describe experiences as becoming extinct? How many of us are lacking the following: time spent in nature, and contact with biodiverse environments and microbes? Children especially, occupied by homework and screens, can miss out. Jeff Bland and Susan…


Essential Advice for Choosing Dietary Supplements

Supplement quality is a hugely important issue. There have been many instances of supplements not containing what they claim to, containing contaminants they are not supposed to (including ones that can be harmful), cost-cutting with cheaper nutrient types, and overstating…

Clinician Position for SHC

Research and News February 2020

FDA Approves First Standardized Powder for Allergy Desensitization Non-Stick Chemicals Found in Drinking Water Across US Smoke-Damaged Cells Can Be Replaced – It’s Never Too Late To Quit APOE4 Gene Carriers at Greater Risk for Memory Deficits from Soccer Headings…

Versatile One-Pan Veggies

Versatile One-Pan Veggies

Versatile One-Pan Veggies recipe is from Janine Henkel, MS, CNS, CN, one of our resident nutritionists. With today’s busy lifestyle, basic principles of a healthy diet can get easily lost to other priority tasks. Janine ensures that meals are based…

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Research and News January 2020

Unpicking Molecular Mechanisms Between Diet, Microbiome and Host – Focus on Ginger Functional Medicine Needed to Help Solve Ever-Increasing BMIs Novel Skin-Gut Axis Shows How Sunlight and Vitamin D Production May Modulate the Gut Microbiome Vegan Diets – Popular But…

Flaxseed Hair Gel

DIY Flaxseed Hair Gel

We are exposed to toxins every day – through our air, our water, our personal care and household products and much more. The good news is, there is a lot we can do to limit our exposure. As a functional…

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Research and News December 2019

Alzheimer Drug Failures and Toxicity Underscore Relevance of Lifestyle Medicine Uric Acid Crystals From Gout May Also Deposit in the Heart Permanent Hair Dye and Increased Breast Cancer Risk Yellow dye in turmeric linked with lead poisoning in Bangladesh


Best Content of 2019

As we look back over the wealth of content we have shared this past year, we have been so humbled by your feedback and engagement. Below, we highlight our most-read and listened-to articles and podcasts over the past 12 months.

Pathogenic Mechanisms of Lp(a)

The Lp(a) Conundrum

Lp(a): What do with DO with it? It’s an unequivocal CV risk marker, and its pathogenic mechanisms are multiple and far-reaching. Yet it’s notoriously refractory to treatment – pharma and FxMed. Get the low-down in this month’s blog: The Lp(a)…

plant-based burgers

Faux Meats: Are they Healthier?

Are you curious about the surge in popularity of plant-based burgers like the Impossible and Beyond Burgers? Wondering our thoughts on these new food products? This article provides insights and recommendations that will help you make the best decisions for…

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Research and News November 2019

Acetaminophen Once Again Tied to Autism and ADHD Human Milk Oligosaccharides Improve IBS Symptoms Oral Bacteria Implicated in a Wide Range of Noncommunicable Diseases Brain Wave Patterns Predict Tau and Amyloid-b Accumulation New Desensitization Technology May Help Celiac and other Immune-Related Disorders…