KARA FITZGERALD, ND completed a post-doctorate in nutritional biochemistry/laboratory science with Richard Lord, Ph.D. Author: Case Studies in Integrative and Functional Medicine, contributing author: Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine; IFM’s Textbook for Functional Medicine. She lectures globally on functional medicine; is on faculty at IFM and practices in Connecticut.

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Research and News August 2017

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Understanding the risks and benefits of mammograms
Some tuna fish carry 36 times more chemicals
Adult food allergy – an identification challenge for clinicians
Phthalates increase risk for allergic disease
Compound in broccoli blocks allergic response to peanut and egg
Gadolinium from MRIs deposits in the brain
Highest vitamin B6 and B12 use linked with lung cancer in men 
Microbes and food allergy—peanut oral immunotherapy improved with probiotics 

Elemental Diets: Case Studies and Clinical Application for IBD

Elemental Diets: Case Studies and Clinical Application for IBD

Below, you’ll see videos from Dr. Gary Weiner, ND. It so happens that I literally just met Gary (like, 20 minutes ago we were chatting it up about stool, breath and organic acid testing for SIBO). But before that, I watched him deliver a terrific lecture on the science & history behind the elemental diet (ED), and as important, his extensive clinical experience of said diet.