KARA FITZGERALD, ND completed a post-doctorate in nutritional biochemistry/laboratory science with Richard Lord, Ph.D. Author: Case Studies in Integrative and Functional Medicine, contributing author: Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine; IFM’s Textbook for Functional Medicine. She lectures globally on functional medicine; is on faculty at IFM and practices in Connecticut.

The Art of Medicine: A Soul-Stirring Chat with Sidney Baker, MD

Episode 15: The Art of Medicine: A Soul-Stirring Chat with Sidney Baker, MD

Dr. Sidney Baker is a mentor to many clinicians, myself included. When I set out to podcast with him, my expectation was to “mine the pearls” from his years of clinical practice: details on protocols, dosing instructions, lab testing, etc. But when Sid and I actually spoke, I realized quite quickly that I needed to let go of my agenda and listen. What unfolded was a glimpse into the soul of a true healer, resonating for me—and I hope you, too—in powerful way. Sid is funny, brilliant and exquisitely articulate as he shares stories of his own process-and practice- as a doctor.

Dr. Mark Hyman

Episode 14: Taking a Deeper Dive into Eat Fat, Get Thin with Dr. Mark Hyman

The oral-systemic disease connection has long been established (recall older recommendations for prophylactic antibiotics before dental work in individuals with endocarditis or joint implants), but with the emerging data on the oral microbiome, new attention is being paid to oral health and the prevention of diseases ranging from cardiovascular to autoimmune and more.